The Scream expressions

imagesCATUG2PUFaber_Castell_The_ScreamMR -The screamimagesCAZLJ80VimagesCANJBRJ3

Edvard Munch’s diary describes his tragic childhood in his memories, impressions of
bohemian life in Christiania and the experience of his first great love, but also the rudiments of a personal theory of art:

“We see with different eyes on the morning than in the evening depending on the mood … Are You coming from a dark bed room in the early morning into a lit living room then you  see everything in a bluish flare. Even the darkest shadows appear with light air above. After a while you will get used to the light and the shadows is experienced deeper and you see everything clearer. Should we now paint such a mood … it can not be done by staring at each thing and paint it ‘just as you see it’. You have to paint it the way it was when you first captured it.”  Look at Task 2 [Ims]

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