Student work: Tea time

We got the task “Dumpstertreasure”– make something out of art, just using one material.
We dug into the container, looking for the lost and hidden treasures. Is it possible to make something beautiful and functional out of simple trash?

We chose to make everything out of metal. We found many things. Where should we start?  A sentence from Cathrine Donzel catched us: “Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. “

We made different kinds of tea cup, each with their own story about what and where they have been before. Then we used these cups as decoration on a self made wall clock.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

[Marthe, Ingvild, Eva, Monica]

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One Response to Student work: Tea time

  1. artandcraftxboarder says:

    Very nice work and your slideshow gives us a good insight in your process.(ims)

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