Task 1. Design elements

We examine where and how the most basic formal, visual design elements are used. Nature has always inspired artists to see and reproduce the shapes and surfaces; we can detect these elements in all types of artwork. In this task, you might cooperate with a fellow student so that you can discuss your findings when you:

a)  study three works of art, (you may choose all type of artwork/craft). Make simple sketches and show in your illustration how the design elements are used. There may be an emphasis on a tool or techniques used in different parts of the artwork and the design elements can be used in different manners in the same artwork.
b) study three sections of the street / nature (here you must go out of the buildings) Find interesting visual visions that give you inspiration. Here you may take photos which can be further processed in a simple schematic illustration (it is possible to draw, modulate or build a sketch in materials). Be awear of how you use the design elements in your recreated visual experience.
c) Evaluate your sketches, each of you shall choose the two most interesting sketches as starting point for further work.
d) Create your own folder system that can be used when storing all studies, sketches and photos [ims]

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